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robperringrobperring Posts: 3Member
Turning my smart TV off and then on again disables you view box. I get no sound and a sub quality picture. The only solution is to have to reboot it every time. It then works fine until i turn the tv off and later turn it on again. Can anyone help?.


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    Greetings, @robperring and welcome to the Community!

    But this sounds more like a problem with your TV than with the YouView box.

    What, if anything, has you ruling the TV out as the seat of the problem?

    Do you have any other HDMI devices you can try, e.g. a Bluray player, to see if the same thing happens there?

    Do you have any other TVs you can try the YouView box on, to see if the problem moves with the YouView box?

    It could be the YouView box, I suppose, but I don’t recall any earlier reports of a problem like this.

    But it won’t hurt to try a soft reset on it; while not recording nor about to, touch the On/Standby button for just over 8 seconds, till the box restarts. That does cure many strange one-off oddities.

    And there are more drastic resets we can tell you about if that one makes no difference.

    But I think that first you need to eliminate the TV as the cause of the problem.

    Do let us know the results of trying the above; and also the make and model of both the TV and the YouView box will help to progress this.
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  • robperringrobperring Posts: 3Member
    Thank you very much Roy. I'll try your suggestion and see how I get on.
    I'm not sure if it's the TV or youview box that's causing the issue and haven't ruled out the tv as being the problem. 
    I'll let you know the make and model details as well.
    Best regards,
  • robperringrobperring Posts: 3Member
    Hello again Roy, I had no luck trying the soft reboot as the same issue occurred. However, I contacted Samsung support in relation to the TV possibly being the problem. Following various instructions and ultimately changing the HDMI cable, the problem seems to be resolved.
    Thanks again for your suggestions and time spent.
    Best regards,
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