Poor signal quality

Other channels fine but ITV1, 2, 3, 4 and C4 channels breaking up with signal strength 89-90% and signal quality zero (working channels 100%). However HD ITV and C4 fine. If I switch off my humax and use TV reception the affected channels run perfectly. Tried signal booster but no better. Happens during low and high pressure although sometimes works OK. This is my second humax and had the same problem with previous one. Any suggestions 


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    Ensure that the aerial cable into the YouView box is routed well away from any other cables - mains, ethernet, but most especially HDMI out.

    Figures like you are quoting indicate that the YouView box is seeing a powerful signal, but it is all noise, and this can happen - and to a group of channels on a particular mux only - with crosstalk from another badly shielded signal cable, into the aerial cable. 

    If separation improves things but does not entirely fix the issue, try the following in turn until you get 100% signal quality:-

    Use a new and better shielded HDMI cable;
    Ensure the aerial cable is correctly terminated at each end, with the inner in metal to metal contact with the centre pin, and only that, and the outer braid likewise to the outer barrel of the aerial plug;
    Consider using higher quality and better shielded RF (aerial) cable
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    Thanks Roy. I moved aerial cable away from the rest and it’s made a huge difference. Curiously, when I did it signal quality increased to mid 50s per cent, but it’s been improving ever since and two hours later it is now mid to high 70s
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