Channel logos flickering - BT boxes

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I have 2 BT boxes in the house (T2100 and T4000) and I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that the channel logos "flicker" whenever I change channel.

I expect a certain flicker as the box transitions from the channel name to logo (which is maddening enough!), but this something else.

It happens on every type of channel, terrestrial and internet delivered and does not happen on the retail box I also have (T2000).

I couldn't really take a picture to do it justice but did take a video which I have uploaded to the cloud as I don't think you can embed them on the forum:

Software info (if needed) on the main box (T4000) is as follows:


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    Looks like the channel is putting up a quick, simple, ‘placeholder’ logo, and then transitioning to something snazzier.

    And even then going “Um, not that one, I think he’ll prefer this one”  :p

    It also looks like maybe you have a pet tarantula?
    These tests for COVID-19 get right up my nose.
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