Can my aerial receive Com7&8?

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I wanted to ask if my aerial could receive Com7&8 or if I'd need another, it's pointed towards Malvern but picks up all the muxes but Com 7&8 from Ridge Hill too (or so I assume unless I'm picking something else from Gloucestershire) <- Aerial <- BBC Signal Info


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    It looks like you have a wide-band aerial but with that vertical polarisation you're pointing to a relay transmitter. This would be fine for the Malvern relay transmitter but wrong for the Ridge Hill main transmitter as I understand things.
    If you go this website here it'll tell you where you should pointing to for the best reception.
    Then take it from there I guess.
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    According to what you have posted, you might get COM8 from Ridge Hill, but only at the expense of screwing up your main channel.

    Triangulating (with a very large margin of error, as the two bearings are practically the same), you could be in line of sight for Ridge Hill, or there could be a very large Malvern Hill in the way.

    Your best bet, as ever in such circumstances, is to contact a local aerial installer in your area, who will be well versed in what is the optimum aerial, if your current one is not suitable, even rotated 90 degrees for the polarisation, and what is the optimum siting, for you to reliably pull in Ridge Hill, if it is possible at all.
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