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Anybody else bailed out of this series, or had the wit not to start watching it at all?

I suppose we should have been alerted by it being on BBC2, despite the presence of megastar Richard “Pretty Woman” Gere.

But it’s all over the place, in both tone and execution; the dialogue is awful, stilted and not how people speak at all, and it manages simultaneously not to seem to know where it’s going, and yet be telegraphing its ending.

I guess it knows where it’s going, but doesn’t seem to have much idea how to get there.

So; some programmes go nowhere fast, but this one is going nowhere interminably slowly.

Enough! And back to Norskov, an unexpected gem from Walter Presents.
Does HDMI stand for Hardly Dare Mention It?


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    Thanks, I reckon you've saved me a few hours there... I have been recording this, but not yet started watching. I'm yet to hear any positive reviews of this series.
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    Too much TV, too little time. I gave up on it after about 20 minutes and you have not persuaded me to resume. The latest Line of Duty takes precedence over all else on at the moment.
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