Pairing a v4 remote

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I'm trying to pair my v4 remote to a Sharp LC-40UG7252K. I've held down the search button until the red light blinks and then stays on. Then held number 7, the tv is supposed to switch off, but doesn't. Any ideas??


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    Greetings @goodyergang, and welcome to the Community!

    There is a thing with Sharp TVs that a lot of them have an RF (Radio Frequency) remote instead of an IR (Infra Red) remote like the YouView box, and the majority of TVs, use.

    Get the YouView remote, point the business end at a smartphone camera screen, and press a few keys. The camera makes IR visible; try it on the YouView remote, so you can see what I mean.

    Now try it on the Sharp remote; can you see the output in the same way?

    If not, it’s probably an RF remote; and unless the TV has a separate IR magic eye, it won’t be able to ‘see’ the YouView remote.
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  • goodyerganggoodyergang Posts: 4Member
    Hello Roy, thanks for replying. The tv remote shows the same blinking red light as the Youview remote when I video them with my phone
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    OK, we’re past that hurdle then.

    Next thing is where are you getting your instructions on how to pair from?

    If from the paper BT user guide that came with your DTR-T2100 (I think that’s what a v4 might be), then IIRC there is a step missing, but the pairing instructions on the BT site have been corrected.
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    I'm getting the instruction direct from this YouView site. I'm using a version4 (v4) remote. 
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    Although admittedly I'm using the instructions for a version3 remote as cant find the v4 instructions. If it helps Im using a TalkTalk box
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    Yes, I’ve followed through the links there; no instructions for a v4, but it does seem it is like a v3, where the only difference is the red flashing light instead of green.

    Thing is, though, when you press 7, the remote is going to cycle through quite a few codes; fast enough so you aren’t there forever, but slow enough so that you have time to react when it finds the right code for your TV and turns it off, to let go the button before it cycles onto the next code.

    The Help doesn’t say how long this process might take, alas; but are you giving it a good length of time with 7 held down for it to cycle through all the codes, and not instead giving up and letting it go too quickly?

    Does HDMI stand for Hardly Dare Mention It?
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