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Due to local building works aerial TV and satellite TV are down but broadband is OK - So is a Youview box a good, relatively inexpensive way for me to watch 'ordinary' TV in the interim? I can use ethernet or wifi (prefer ethernet); Thanks


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    Greetings @lhughes609 and welcome to the Community!

    Alas no, as YouView completely depends on a working aerial connection.

    i would suggest a NowTV Stick would fit the bill - currently £15, with two months of Entertainment which will just about cover GoT, and no need to renew the subscription after that if you don’t want to. Or indeed, even to start it in the first place if you don’t want to.

    It has all the usual Players, so you can watch most of the principle channels live if you want to, or on catchup, except for the Channel Four channels which are catchup only. Plus Netflix and a few other things like that, though not Amazon Prime.

    As well as, or instead of, Sky Entertainment, you can get Sky Sports and/or Sky Movies on it, as additional, but strictly optional, subscriptions.

    720i, so it just about, barely, qualifies as HD.

    Another option is the Amazon Firestick, with all the Players, plus Amazon Prime of course, but no NowTV. £40 HD, £50 4K.

    To get the lot, and also include TV Player, with a wide choice of live UK TV channels, look at the Roku sticks - Express at £30 for HD or Streaming Stick at £60 for 4K.

    But once you get your aerial connection back, a YouView box is a great thing to own; and any of the sticks I describe to tide you over until then will still complement any YouView box you buy.
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    No unfortunately. A YouView needs both an aerial and broadband connection to work fully.

    You could try initially booting up one with both connected, then move the box back to yours and use internet only but you would only get access to YouViews players is all. 
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