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Merlin007Merlin007 Posts: 3Member
We are about to stop our Talk Talk service.

1. Can we plug the old talk talk YouView box into our new smart tv to watch the recordings it has on it ? (When plugged into a different new broadband )
2. Will it make fresh recordings from our new tv when plugged into a new different broadband (different from Talk Talk) . 

Many thanks 


  • John LJohn L Posts: 430Member
    Hi Merlin007 welcome to Youview Forum.
    Simple answer: "Yes" old recordings (except subscriptions I believe) & "yes" should work ok going forwards with new recordings! TV is only a "monitor" & doesn't affect Youview box. The best bit is making the sensible decision to cancel subscription  & you now save money! Still so much to watch on tv (many will disagree) Enjoy your Youview box. Trust I have been able to help put your mind at rest. John L
  • Merlin007Merlin007 Posts: 3Member
    Thank You John
  • John LJohn L Posts: 430Member
    No problem Merlin007. Glad to help answer your questions. I think when you have been made redundant & don't have money to burn (or waste!) you see another side to life! You should be able to use all the standard catch up players. If you need more, why not purchase a Roku, Now tv or Amazon usb stick but don't subscribe to extra months when they chase you (!). But, I would have thought your tv would have many free apps to explore, so actually not really any need for extra. Good luck. John L
  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,344Member ✭✭✭
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    What @“John L” said, while confirming that recordings made from TalkTalk Boosts won’t play any more, but recordings made from Freeview channels while you were with TalkTalk still will.

    And new recordings will be fine, always remembering of course that it gets its recording off your aerial connection, not off your TV  :p

    A bit of information about your recordings (metadata including the pretty thumbnail picture and text information) comes over the internet, and it will still come via any ISP, but all the video and audio come via your aerial.

    Also note that it will still update via your ISP, no matter who that is, when new software releases are made, but these will always be the TalkTalk software releases, on the TalkTalk release schedule, as that is one thing that stays based on the box model, not who your ISP is.
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