All 4 App not syncing

GreensladeCGreensladeC Posts: 3Member
Hi I am having problems with the All 4 app is not syncing with my all 4 account and it also is not showing all the same programs as the all 4 app online/my iphone. I have restarted the youview box and also tried updating software - but neither helped!


  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,344Member ✭✭✭
    Do you mean there are different live schedules (and if so, which is correct)?

    Or that there are different presentations of on-demand programmes?
    Off travelling for a while... internet patchy to non-existent....
  • GreensladeCGreensladeC Posts: 3Member
    Hi - thanks for the reply - On Demand is different - it's not showing certain episodes that show on the app and web version. Also the "My TV" program list is different - Youview is missing some of my programs.
  • zulu17zulu17 Posts: 970Member ✭✭
    Can you confirm what is the version number of the All 4 app on the Youview box. I believe you see it displayed in top right of screen when you start the All4 player Then press help or navigate to Help&Info AND navigate into FAQ.

    Probably a good idea to list a couple of episodes that appear missing on your Youview player so that others can see whether they experience the same .
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