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:'( I've got an ex talk talk Huawei and I've started getting a content protection error YVM607. I understand what the error means but I need a fix. I've tried everything from different HDMI cable, resets, updates and nothing has worked. Any suggestions please?


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    Welcome to the forum @OneGirlGigging. What connection and input are you using to your TV? 
  • I have a HDMI lead to connect into tv. I have no other equip connected. Direct LAN to connect YV to router and internet. TV arial is disconnected but that didnt prevent me watching catch up before. I havent tried a different tv because I dont think thats the issue. Its only been reading this error the last few days.
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    What content do you get the error on? I'll come back to the aerial later.
  • I can get the guide, I press play on a past program to watch catch up program (tried different catch up channels too) and it starts to play the adverts ok but then goes to a black screen no sound until another advert may be half an hour later. If I go through the catch up apps rather than the guide it does the same. Seems to be on some programs but others are ok! I can play Celeb Paint Challenge on BBCi but not The Comeback of Any McPartlin on My5. Could those that won't play be in HD and those that will play are not?
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    Or could it be that the channels without adverts are OK, but the channels with are not?

    Because On Demand isn’t in HD or not in HD as such, it’s just in as close to HD (or as far from it) as your connection and their servers can support.

    The thing about adverts though, is that they come from a different source within the channel’s server(s), so they can be selective about who gets what.

    So there is a handover from the programmes to the ad slots, and a hand back afterwards, and it is this handback that tends to go wrong.

    Why the handover never goes wrong, though, is one of life’s enduring mysteries  :p
    Where do all those characters that you type in search boxes and which never appear go to?
  • I'll test the advert channel theory. Yes it seems to be at hand back that it goes wrong and to black screen no sound.
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    These commercial channels really need to get their @rse into gear because YouView isn't the only platform this happens on over and over. Poor beyond belief. 
  • Yes all on BBCi play fine, all on channels 3,4,5 go wrong on hand back after adverts and channel logo but before program starts. It goes wrong on catch up and box sets etc.
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    All of them? Thats most unusual as its usually just ITV. Plus you've already performed the necessary steps for reboots. Hm.

    Try this (it won't harm your box) -

    Put your Huawei into standby. Turn the box off using the switch at the back. Reboot your router, wait for the line to settle and then turn the box back on. 
  • Yep, all channels except BBCi. Tried this and no effect. 😪
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    There is another theory to be considered here. Any commercial channel won’t play its catchup player unless its aerial channel has been previously tuned in.

    It doesn’t need the aerial connection to be maintained after that, so if you get an existing TalkTalk box, and start using it without an aerial, it will coast along on the previous tunings, unless something happens to disrupt these, like a hard reset that deletes the tunings. Or a big channel change event, such as is happening in various parts of the country now.

    So I wonder if this has affected your box? It would certainly be helpful if you could beg or borrow even an indoor aerial that you could use for a one-shot retune, and see if this puts the Players back on an even keel.
    Where do all those characters that you type in search boxes and which never appear go to?
  • I have an aerial in the shed otherwise I'll have to get my roof one fixed up again (winds blew it down). Will give it a try, thanks for your help.
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