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Potential enhancement request... I had The Widow (ITV HD, 8/9/15/16 April) on series link. Watched episode 1 last week then came back to it tonight to watch the rest. To my surprise, only 3 & 4 available in the series stack  :o

Panic over though - found episode 2 languishing on its own on the next page; it had been recorded on ITV+1 instead - I guess due to some clash. 

The box obviously knows that these are part of the same series - else it wouldn't have recorded - so could it not store this in the same stack with the rest of the series?



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    I’m pretty sure the box doesn’t ‘know they are part of the same series’, (i.e. same Series CRID) because indeed they aren’t, as the box would not normally record the ITV+1 showing as well as the ITV showing from a single Series request.

    What the box is doing is looking for the same programme (Programme CRID) on any upcoming broadcast, and recording it because it knows it failed to get the programme with that Programme CRID  in the Series it is trying to record.

    But this certainly does not invalidate your excellent suggestion that if the box is recording a programme only because it failed to get it in the desired series, then it should treat it as if it had been recorded in the desired series.

    It just explains why it is treated differently at the moment, being from a different series, and points to one or two hurdles that would need to be overcome to treat it in the more user-friendly way you are looking for.
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