BT Yourview slow and internet problem

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I have a BT Yourview box (Humax DTR2100) and it was working fine but recently it's slow to respond in the menus.  It takes 10-20 seconds to move to the 'My TV' option for instance. It also doesn't display the program icons in the recording list (which it used to).  It does work and play when it gets there though.

I've tried a factory reset (keeping recordings) and it's made no change.

Also although it says it's connected to Broadband and I can watch the BT channels, when I try and connect using the Youview app on my phone it displays 'Mobile Device not connected' and YVM104 error.

Any ideas on either problem?


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    Greetings @martine, and welcome to the Community!

    It sounds a bit like there might be something awry in the internet connection, given that you have done a Maintenance Mode reset of the YouView (sic) box already, which would have been my first suggestion.

    So I would be inclined to suggest rebooting your Home Hub, and if you have powerline adapters in the mix, those as well, starting with the one nearest the Hub, once you have rebooted the Hub and it has settled again.

    Failing that, as you are a BT subscriber, I suggest you contact BT’s YouView helpline, on one of the numbers here, and see if they can see what is going on in the traffic to and from your box.

    Though if that goes nowhere, (as has been reported, though my own personal dealings with them have always been positive) try posting on the BT TV Community, where the mods are pretty clued-up and proactive, I am told.
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