tv signal week or lost

Is there others out in the U.K. who have the same problems, you view box keeps stating tv signal is week or lost, check your Ariel is connected , picture brakes up, I have never , NEVER had this problem with other tv set to boxes used in the past. This you view box was not cheep could have purchased others. Is problem related to you view only, Lots & lots & lots of comments on this problem . Has any one resolved the problem, or is the only option to buy something other than you view.  


  • John LJohn L Posts: 211Member
    YES, I tend to use Freeview/Freesat most of the time to overcome this problem. Youview is currently not our main tv source (thankfully because this would also annoy me each day!) If only Youview could provide a option to TURN OFF the notice. The Freeview units doesn't have this problem as much. I know it still does'nt resolve problem, but it's annoying! The problem actually is the signal strength from transmitter. If you go into settings, tv signal & try this on several channels inc. BBC news HD (due to com7/8 problem) you may see weak signal. Try this on BBC one SD & signal maybe stronger. The solution is to upgrade your aerial if you don't have a high gain/wide aerial. A signal booster might help, but may only make weak signal worse. The channels are currently being moved about & some are on com 7/8. Lots of info regarding this in the forum plus from Freeview/Digital tv online. Trust i may have answered your question/given you some help. John L
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