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SlimTimSlimTim Posts: 1Member
The blue  broadband light on my youview box is off whilst the other one is on.
The blue light on my broadband hub is on.
I have no broadband and no youview tv
BT online showing no broadband fault in  area but unable to do line check though phone landline working ok
I have turned off both hub and youview box and left for several minutes before turning back on but problem persists hub is a newish one
Would appreciate any help please


  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,205Member ✭✭✭
    Hi @SlimTim and welcome to the Community!

    No broadband at all? So presumably you posted here from a mobile on 3G or 4G?

    So you don’t necessarily have a YouView problem at all, or at least, you can’t tell if you do or not until you get your broadband back. though if you can’t even get a TV picture, that’s weird also.

    The blue light on the Hub means it thinks it is working OK, so it is disturbing that it isn’t, and doesn’t know this.

    There’s a Factory Reset hole on the back of the Hub; push a straightened paper clip in, gently, until you hear a click and the Hub restarts. 

    If this fixes it, great, but if not, I think the next thing you need to do is call the BT number in the Hub book, and have them check the line, see if anything is wrong at their end.

    Your manual says:-

    Need some help?
    Choose the way that suits you.

    Go to
    The quickest and easiest way to get help, all day, every day.

    Chat to us at
    We’re here to help seven days a week between 7am and 11pm.

    Call us
    If you need to talk, give us a ring on 0800 111 4567. We’re usually less busy between 12pm and 6.30pm. Make sure you’re next to your Hub with a computer or device if you call.

    You can also call 0330 123 4567 from a mobile. All numbers starting 0330 are charged at a national rate and are included in any free minutes as part of your mobile contract. Some mobile operators allow free use of 0800 numbers.

    So try the phone number first; if no-one is there, you still have the Chat line for nearly another hour.

    Once you get your broadband back, see if there is still a problem with your YouView box; if so, BT will support you on the numbers here; 24/7 if you are a BT TV subscriber, or business hours if you are a Broadband Only customer with a YouView problem.

    Anything else, by all means post again, giving the exact model of Hub and of YouView box that you have, and we’ll see what else we can come up with.
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