Series timer not working

We have recently found all of our scheduled records missing, on investigation it appears that the series record are being converted to single record. This appears to be happing across multiple channels 

Eg stv coronation st
BBC 1 line of duty
Plus loads of othersnot working

Note match of the day on bbc1 so far has kept its series timer ( it's the only one)

It's a dtrt2100 box with 32.23.0 / 3.6.44 software. 
Have tried factory reset (keeping recordings) and retune


  • VisionmanVisionman Posts: 9,491Member ✭✭✭
    Hi Douglas. Can you list the channels and times?
  • Sure

    All of these were series recorded but they are showing single record
    Stv 28/04 2000 the Durrell's
    Bbc1 28/04 2100 line of duty
    Stv 28/04 2100 Victoria
    Ch4 28/04 2200 celebrity das
    Stv 29/04 1930;coronation Street
    Bbc2 30/04 2200 don't forget the driver

    Bbc1 4/05 2225match of the day is showing as series record

    All where re selected after the factory reset/ retune

    Thanks for your help 
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