Huawei loss of sound: 4k incompatibility?

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There have been a spate of Huawei boxes losing sound recently.

These appear to be connected to 4k TVs and a fix has been found on those TVs that allow the HDMI setting to be changed to non 4k devices.

I have chatted with @Roy regarding this and not having seen issues reported here, and Roy confirming there have been none on here, it does seem to be a Huawei issue, and not affecting Humax boxes.

TalkTalk are looking into this so it may be an idea to refer any issues to their forum so they can be added to their list and investigated (assuming we don't start getting Humax complaints!).


  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Posts: 164Member ✭✭
    Just been advised TalkTalk have identified the issue and are now working on a fix.
  • GoodbyeGoodbye Posts: 269Member
    The answer to the question that nobody asked 
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    Don't be facetious, please. There are some TalkTalk users that don't use the main TT forum and prefer to post on here.
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    Goodbye said:
    The answer to the question that nobody asked 
    Now now, you must not be so Humax-centric.

    This lack of sound is of national importance.

    How can these Huawei boxes report our secrets back to their Chinese masters if they can’t hear us speaking for the sound they themselves are producing?  :p
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    Can I remind you @Goodbye of your post on the Cold Feet thread? It seems you are now contributing and adding to the reason why you said you changed your name and that...
    ...I no longer wish to contribute to this forum. It really is uninviting and openly hostile. One can only guess at the amount of potential  contributors scared off by the uncalled nasty remarks that seem obligatory......

    As @Visionman said, I thought it worth raising the issue as a potential problem given the number of recent posts seen on the TalkTalk forum.
  • Louise MurdochLouise Murdoch Posts: 56Administrator admin
    Hi all,

    A fix for this issue is currently being rolled out and can be discussed here. :smile:

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