Error code YVM104

emanuremanur Posts: 1Member
It's really frustrating that the stock response for every error is to restart the world. I'm recording here the resolution to this error that has plagued my experience for a year and wasn't even solved by BT sending me a new box.

I went into Settings / Broadband Connections and set the network address manually. I set:

1) A static IP address (updated my router to reserve it)
2) Primary DNS to
3) Secondary DNS to


  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,205Member ✭✭✭
    I reckon you should have got BT to send you a new router, if the above fixed the issue, not a new YouView box.

    Or new PLAs, possibly, if you have those.

    Did the router or PLAs possibly being faulty come into the equation at all?

    I had enough trouble with the supplied Home Hub that I ditched it in short order in favour of a Netgear Nighthawk, only keeping the Hub in case the Nighthawk became a bone of contention with BT during an issue, but it never has.
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