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    steviejay said:
    I'll check mine again when someone has finished watching ITV....

    But that's two of us on Emley Moor. @RHardaker what are the other transmitter regions you are offered? I can receive Belmont (E Yorks & Lincs, next strongest) and I get most channels unusable from Bilsdale (North East).
    I'm the same as you - where are you? I'm in West Bradford and quite high up.
  • steviejaysteviejay Posts: 21Member
    Goole, so quite low down ;)
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    RHardaker said:
    Sarah said:
    Hi @steviejay, @gemmac & @RHardaker

    Can you please go to the Digital UK website, enter your postcode & door number and then once you're on the results page, let us know which transmitter you are most likely tuned to? The transmitter name will be displayed in the 'Coverage checker results' section at the top of the page. 

    I'm on Emley Moor. 100% And 100%. All 3 of my boxes are direct from aerial. One of the 2 that lost the channels before has just lost them again. Retune finds them again then Yorkshire region selected.  
    My other box with the issue has also lost channels again. You notice as its 101 to 105. Signal 98% quality 100% on this one. Channels shown available before retune  124. After retune 167.
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    To those who are having issues with the channels disappearing frequently, can you please send me a private message (go to my profile and click 'Message') with the following information:
    • Your postcode and door number (so we can confirm your location in relation to the transmitter) 
    • Your box serial number (this can be found in your settings or on the back/bottom of the box) 
    • Your ISP
    • Confirm box model and software version (this can be found by pressing Help and then Info on your remote control)
    • Some examples of channels which disappear
    I understand that some have already posted some of this information but it'd be helpful to have this information all in one message so we have each users examples for our investigation.


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