Youview Guide issues on Sony Bravia

nodrogdivadnodrogdivad Posts: 2Member
Recently our Youview Guide on our Sony Bravia tv has shown No information available on certain channels (effectively the first 10 on the Guide as well as their HD equivalents). It also shows no information if you go back 24 hours so not able to use catch up service. We have updated software, retuned channels and switched the tv on and off. Any solution to this?


  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,249Member ✭✭✭
    This is a known problem that is being worked on.

    See here for official information, and a suggested mitigation.
    This might at last be getting back to the YouView that I knew.  :|
    Holding my breath....
  • nodrogdivadnodrogdivad Posts: 2Member
    Thanks Roy
  • RailwaymanRailwayman Posts: 1Member
    Following a power cut 2 weeks ago our sony 43x8305c (3 yrs old) started to display all the symptoms of not available on youview. Non of the fixes have worked. I have not tried a reset as yet. Will a reset change the tv setups. Should I wait for a fix.
  • Jeffuk1Jeffuk1 Posts: 37Member
    I had a few Youview challenges on my Sony and I tried a retune on a disconnected and then reconnected internet bought up all new listings.
  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,357Administrator admin
    Hi @Railwayman

    We would recommend that you try the factory reset as this seems to resolve the issue for the majority of users experiencing the problem. It will reset any settings you've changed and log you out of players/apps you were signed in to so we would suggest making note of anything you've changed before doing the reset.

  • I would like to add the weight of another unhappy post to this thread.

    Like many others, I have a Sony TV with the Android O/S and YouView purchased last year.  And like many others get the “Information Not Available” message in the YouView Guide for all channel listings before today.  For a while, I thought it was just me but reading the various and numerous threads in this website assures me that somewhere outside of my house, like in Sony, Android, or YouView, resides the problem.  

    Sarah’s suggested work-around of doing a factory reset is just not good enough.  If thousands of users have to do that after each electrical event that results in a power outage for the TV, Sony et al are not doing anything to resolve the problem as I think they should.  They created the problem and they should solve it.  This is plainly a software issue; over to you Sony/Android/YouView.
  • s555wrcs555wrc Posts: 5Member

    completely agree! I have recently just had to do another factory reset to fix this problem and then spend another hour re downloading and setting up apps and settings. This is obviously a widespread problem that keeps happening and needs some kind of permanent fix
  • From those who should be responding, the silence is deafening.
  • John LJohn L Posts: 320Member
    Hi Sonyusernothappy,
    How long have you had your tv? Why not contact your retailer & explain that you are not happy? Not only do you have a warranty, but the Consumer "Sales of goods act" lasts up to 6 years, if you have issues/complaints. I had a problem with a Humax many years back & the Manufacturer was able to help in some way. Well worth a try. You could also contact Sarah at Youview again on Monday for more advice if there is any updates on the problem. I know this won't help, but I'm glad I didn't purchase a Sony tv with Youview built in. It must be very frustrating for you. Are you able to use another pvr device on one of the Sony's HDMI inputs. I have separate devices on my tv. I don't use the built in tuner. Hope you are able to find a solution, along with many other Sony/Youview users. John L
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