Can I use my youview box else where?

gnugeekgnugeek Member Posts: 1
Can I use my youview box else where?

I'm thinking of leaving for Vodafone for no reason the £ and slight speed increase.
but will the box still work or am I stuck with, BT or one of the others?
It was a paid for box not a "free" one.



  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @gnugeek

    Welcome to the forum :) 

    The box will still work regardless of your ISP, the only things which will change are the following:
    • You will lose any subscription channels
    • You will lose any recordings made from subscription channels
    • Any ISP subscription related players and apps will be removed
    You will still be able to schedule and view recordings for Freeview channels, scroll through the forwards and backwards in the guide, launch on-demand content from the guide and through Players & Apps, set reminders and receive software updates (as long as you are connected to the internet).

    Any software updates you receive will be updated on our software table here (just scroll down to the box model you own) and we also make a forum post to notify users of new updates with a brief description of the contents of the update in the Announcements section of the forum.  

    Hope this helps :)


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