Recording the BBC News for the wrong region.

Tim CTim C Posts: 402Member ✭✭
My aerial points to Crystal Palace so I record the BBC evening news on BBC One London as that's my preferred region. I don't record the HD version as on SD you get a preview of the local news which helps me decide if I want to watch that.

My signal strength on BBC One London is 94% so pretty much ideal (with 100% quality).

Since having Youview there's been the odd occassion when it's recorded BBC One East although the signal strength for that is less than 45%. It was an issue with OldGen but fully hiding that channel seemed to resolve that problem.

Last night I wanted to see BBC's News at Ten coverage of D-Day but the box recorded on BBC East and because the signal was poor stopped recording after a few minutes. That really miffed me.

I retune channels using a 12dB attenuator to try & prevent it picking up BBC East but it still finds it and if I go for more attenuation by adding splitters - I don't have a variable attenuator - then I can exclude BBC East but also all the 800 channels and anything between 106 & 200 so that's not really acceptable.

This is not an issue I've had with other PVRs so why does Youview do it?
“Where’s ‘Jump to Time’ and all that other OldGen good stuff that was promised to come back, including the proper ‘Hide Channels’ etc etc.., rather than the unnecessary & unasked for that does get added and serves no useful purpose? Give me optional lists as well :) ."
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