Recording the BBC News for the wrong region.

Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 483 ✭✭
My aerial points to Crystal Palace so I record the BBC evening news on BBC One London as that's my preferred region. I don't record the HD version as on SD you get a preview of the local news which helps me decide if I want to watch that.

My signal strength on BBC One London is 94% so pretty much ideal (with 100% quality).

Since having Youview there's been the odd occassion when it's recorded BBC One East although the signal strength for that is less than 45%. It was an issue with OldGen but fully hiding that channel seemed to resolve that problem.

Last night I wanted to see BBC's News at Ten coverage of D-Day but the box recorded on BBC East and because the signal was poor stopped recording after a few minutes. That really miffed me.

I retune channels using a 12dB attenuator to try & prevent it picking up BBC East but it still finds it and if I go for more attenuation by adding splitters - I don't have a variable attenuator - then I can exclude BBC East but also all the 800 channels and anything between 106 & 200 so that's not really acceptable.

This is not an issue I've had with other PVRs so why does Youview do it?
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