Scheduled recordings have disappeared



  • AJO69AJO69 Posts: 1Member
    Same problem with my box losted my schedule list  my box is dtrt4000 software component 3.6.114(c3f6fa) manufacturer software 32.32.0
  • meallenpmeallenp Posts: 1Member
    Hi there, i have a BT UHD box and the scheduled recordings disappeared a few weeks ago, i have reset, checked latest software etc but no change. The recordings still carried on however until recently when i have cancelled a recording.  Although it no longer records the program, it does not seem to cancel in the memory and flags up a clash if i want to record something else. Also if i have changed my mind and want to record the same program again it will not register. In other words what started an inconvenience is making the box unusable. How much longer for a fix for the BT and Humax boxes?
  • patmospatmos Posts: 2Member
    edited 12 September 2019, 6:52PM

    It would be great if Youview could keep us up to date on when a solution is likely.  Every day I click on software and select the update software option under 'Settings' in my Youview Box.  My software remains up to date but 'Scheduled Recordings' on MyTV in the Youview Box says there are none when, in fact, there are and they do record as scheduled.

    Happily, I downloaded the TalkTalk TV Planner onto my Samsung phone.  On MyTV in the Planner my 'Scheduled Recordings' (scheduled using the Guide on the Youview Box) show up!  So, whilst the Youview Box issue is highly unsatisfactory,  at least there is a way one can see 'Scheduled Recordings'!!!!
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