BT YouView IR Repeater Extender

kodiplodkodiplod Member Posts: 2
So i have put my BT Youview box in my cupboard under my TV. Firstly, just wanted to make sure that is safe? 
Secondly, I bought a cheap £6 ir repeater from Ebay (with good reviews) and plugged into my YouView box. It doesn't work that well. Sometimes I have to press the buttons twice and the youview button does not work at all, nor does the standby button.

Is this just the way it is with IR Repeaters or is there a specific one i should use? I have searched this forum and found a few threads but none of the repeaters mentioned on there are available anymore.

Any ideas? Thanks!


  • GoodbyeGoodbye Time out Posts: 336
    It's way beyond important that the top of the youview box is unobstructed. They can get hot especially the 4000 model. Nowhere else you can put it as their pretty petite boxes. Would also solve the ir issue as nothing beats line of sight. 
  • kodiplodkodiplod Member Posts: 2
    Hmm okay, what is the worst that will happen with it being kept in the cupboard? Just stop working?
  • GoodbyeGoodbye Time out Posts: 336
    edited 21 June 2019, 2:02PM
    Yes...after a myriad of problems relating to a overheating box.
    but they really aren't designed to be positioned in an enclosed space. They need good ventilation with decent airflow. BT specifically state this in the manual so if it's under warranty this also could be an issue. 
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