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TenOrcTenOrc Member Posts: 5
All recordings fail on Huawei DN372T  nb up to date software but I get message: We can't update your Players & Apps   My existing recordings play ok. TT box out of contract  I've powered down, restarted to no effect. nb I have 8% free disk. any advice please?


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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Your disc is full, thats why it won't record. Once a disc falls below 10% free space it will no longer record anything. 
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    Hi @TenOrc

    Welcome to the forum :) 

    Can you please delete some recordings so that there's a bit more space available and then let us know if the same issue occurs? If it does happen again, please let us know how much disk space your box has. 

  • TenOrcTenOrc Member Posts: 5
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    Some additional information I'd already deleted recordings & the box had been happily recording with much lower disc space (down to 2%) - after all the box can overwrite the oldest recordings. Sadly on checking today I find that None of my recordings now play - the screen stays black with the duration of the recording showing but no advancement at all - so no sound either.

    This all happened less than a month after my contract with TT ended and I changed provider, Sigh!

    Let me restate tho on checking the update situation, I was told I had up to date software but on checking Players and Apps I got the strange message that "We can't update your Players and Apps Please try again later or visit support.youview.com for help"
    I have tried again today: same message. 

    This appears to me be a problem of software updates for Players and Apps, or the disc is broken. 

    At Sarah's suggestion I've now deleted loads and have 22% free, but no change at all I'm afraid. I'm assuming a factory reset is the next stage, any other suggestions welcomed. Oh and I'm still getting this "We can't update your Players and Apps ... message

  • gsvalentinegsvalentine Member Posts: 163 ✭✭
    My Humax Retail T2000 YouView box is also doing the same! 80% of the hard drive is free.
  • TenOrcTenOrc Member Posts: 5
    I'm sorry gsvalentine I can't offer any help. Do you get the error message I get: from YouView settings having checked I had up to date software but on checking Players and Apps I got the strange message that "We can't update your Players and Apps Please try again later or visit support.youview.com for help" seems to me to be a programming/updating error 
  • dreamtimedreamtime Member Posts: 205
    Both my T2100's have the same problem. One has 11% free and the other one 89% free..
  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @dreamtime & @gsvalentine Just to clarify with this, are you both getting failed recordings on all channels at the moment? or is that you get Players and Apps error message? 

    @TenOrc The players and apps message will not affect your ability to make recordings. We are aware of this error message with the players and apps however as the players and apps get automatically updated overnight anyway, it shouldn't affect the box in a negative way apart from putting out this message. If you've not tried this already, can you give a Maintenance Mode option 2 (keep recordings) a try? 

  • dreamtimedreamtime Member Posts: 205
    @Sarah for me I can record with no problems. It is just the updating players and apps message. No big deal but thought it may help to give my findings.
  • TenOrcTenOrc Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the suggestion Sarah
    Sadly it hasn't worked
    none of the recordings played
    a new recording seemed to be recording, but this wouldn't play 
    While trying to put a timer on for a recording, all buttons (except volume and mute) stopped doing anything.
    Without any action from me, the box then rebooted and has stuck in reloading for the last 20 minutes or so
    I guess this is terminal
    It looks like they are only made to last for the length of an 18 month contract, as it seemed amazing timing - immediately after I moved to a new ISP the YouView box failed. Such a pity as I found it to be brilliant - when it worked.
    So unless you have anything else to suggest Sarah, thanks for your help.
  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @TenOrc
    Sorry to hear that the MMR2 didn't work for you. We're aware that any subscription recordings you made before moving away from TalkTalk will not work however any Freeview ones should record and play without any issues. Can you let us know which channels you are trying to record? 
  • TenOrcTenOrc Member Posts: 5
    Hi Sarah
    All my recordings are/were on Freeview.
    None of them play.
    No recordings were subscriptions.
    Do you have any other advice/comments?
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