Large numbers of channels going missing each time there's a reorganisation of Freeview



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    Hi @Sarah,

    We're losing HD channels and when we switch to non-HD we then get unwatchable picture break up.  This is still happening on a regular basis

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    The issues that you describe are symptomatic of a poor quality and/or weak signal from your aerial, @StephenT.
    What readings do you get for Signal Strength and Quality? Tune your box to one of the problematic channels and find the values in Settings, Signal and Connection. 
  • StephenTStephenT Member Posts: 4
    @jonesh - not sure about that as when I take the aerial out of the YouView box and put it directly into the TV both strength and quality are 100%.  Through the box, the strength can drop to around 60%.
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    Well that rules that idea out  :/.
    You said in your first post that you have recently started getting the drop out of main TV channels due to signal strength, but 60% signal strength should be fine as long as signal quality is 100%.
    The issue that you describe does not sound to be the same as the one that is the subject of this thread.
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    Hi @StephenT

    We're not aware of any further channel changes from Digital UK which would be causing this. We previously found that when there was a channel change event, users would lose their HD channels and need to retune to get them back but this sounds a bit different. 

    Can you please try doing a fresh retune by taking the aerial out of the box, retuning and then plugging the aerial back in and doing another retune? 

    Let us know if this improves things or not. 

  • StephenTStephenT Member Posts: 4
    Hi @Sarah

    I've done the retune but it's made no difference.  We lost C4HD with quality and strength at 0% and the standard C4 down at approximately 50%.

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