ITV Hub and All4 won't load programmes on Sony Bravia

jojolkbjojolkb Member Posts: 6
Hello, I bought a Sony Bravia KD-43XG8396BU on Friday. Set it up and all was working except for the All4 catch up app. It loads and I can watch the adverts but then the programme itself doesn't load... I just get four small squares.

I looked online for a solution and saw a TV reboot was suggested. I did this but All4 still did not work plus I could no longer log into iPlayer. I did ANOTHER reboot and managed to get back into iPlayer but All4 still doesn't work. I've tried ITV Hub as well and that does the same thing - loads and I can watch the ads but the programme won't launch.

As well as rebooting the TV twice I've also done the following:
Turned it on and off again (obvs)
Rebooted our internet router
Checked the internet connection (fine)
Checked the TV software is up to date
Gone to Google store and updated apps - also have auto update one
Cleared the cache and data

As this is affecting both ITV Hub and All4 I can only assume it's the TV. Can someone please help? I am at my wit's end. The whole point of spending a lot of money on a TV was so we could watch catch up TV!!



  • GoodbyeGoodbye Time out Posts: 336
    Hi, your first point of contact should you whoever sold you the TV if you suspect the new TV is the culprit. 
  • jojolkbjojolkb Member Posts: 6
    Hello, I spoke to Curry's and they referred me back to Sony :( 

    May just try to return the TV. Won't buy Sony again!
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    Hi jojolkb and welcome. Unfortunately I do not have direct experience of YouView on Sony, but there are others who do, so hopefully they can give slightly more helpful advice rather than just turn you away. @Sarah @Louise Murdoch could you oblige, please?
  • Louise MurdochLouise Murdoch Administrator Posts: 88 admin
    Hi @jojolkb

    Welcome to the forum.

    Could you confirm that you are able to access YouView, and that you have an aerial connection to your TV?

    Additionally, if you could list the content you have tried playing on both All4 and ITVHub, that would be helpful for us to diagnose the issue.

    Thank you,
  • jojolkbjojolkb Member Posts: 6
    Hello, I've been on the phone to Sony support all morning. Updated firmware and tried everything they suggested. Still not working. I am now calling Curry's to return the television. Will never buy Sony again, this has caused so much stress.
  • jojolkbjojolkb Member Posts: 6
    Have now been told this is an issue not fixed by the new firmware update but no one can tell me when it will be fixed. Curry's refusing to return the TV. I am so disappointed and frustrated. If I had known the apps didn't work I would NEVER have bought this television.
  • GoodbyeGoodbye Time out Posts: 336
    Currys are taking the [email protected]@s. Look up Consumer rights act 2015. Your entitled to a refund, repair or replacement as the TV is obviously not fit for purpose. Be polite but firm the law is on your side.

  • redchizredchiz Member, Super User Posts: 5,097 ✭✭✭
    You are perfectly entitled to return it to Currys. Either they can show you how to get the Players working. Or if they cannot the TV is demonstrably not working as it should. 
  • jojolkbjojolkb Member Posts: 6
    Thank you both @redchiz and @Goodbye I am trying with Curry's but they are being very difficult! I shall go back to my old simple telly I think 

  • GoodbyeGoodbye Time out Posts: 336
    Invest in a youview or freeview play box for endless streaming. 
  • jojolkbjojolkb Member Posts: 6
    They've agreed to return to TV. I shall be doing some further research before buying another telly. Thanks for your help!
  • ralphy36ralphy36 Member Posts: 2
    The thing that really solves recent Sony Bravia catchup app issues is going through Settings -> Initial Setup again. You need to tick "Sony Smart TV services" but you're free to disagree to the other privacy options and don't need to tick "Agree to all".
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    What ever happened to "plug and play"🎰
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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    kodikid said:
    What ever happened to "plug and play"🎰
    It got demoted to below “When all else fails, read the instructions”  B)
    These tests for COVID-19 get right up my nose.
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