Can't connect app to box

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I've successfully used the YouView app on my HTC One A9s mobile for 2 years, sending record requests & viewing my recorded programmes. I changed my mobile last week, to an HTC U12 Life, and having installed the app, it won't connect to my box. The box shows that it is connected to my router & the internet (via an Ethernet cable) & my mobile is also connected to my router (though the last 2 digits of the IP address are different). The app just shows that my box can't be found, though switched on & working in the same room. I've tried many times over the last 2 weeks with no success. What do I do? 


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    Hi @nickyf

    Welcome to the forum :) 

    Let's see if we can get this working on your new phone. Can you please try the following:
    1. Uninstall and reinstall the YouView app
    2. Reboot your router
    3. Reboot your YouView box (press and hold the power button on the front/top of the box for about 8 seconds)
    4. Reconnect your mobile device and YouView box to the router after about 5 minutes after the router has been rebooted
    5. Turn the aeroplane mode on and off on your mobile device
    6. Attempt to reconnect the app and YouView box
    Let us know how you get on :) 

  • nickyfnickyf Posts: 2Member
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    @Sarah I've done all that,  with the same result. I get the message that the app can't find the box. This may be because it doesn't have record facility (it does) or may not be on the same network (it is). Very frustrating! 
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