PO21 area signal boost possible?

mbc0mbc0 Posts: 1Member
Hi,  I currently receive 6 HD Channels according to the postcode checker and I do get them on my HDHomerun tuner, I am interested in the other HD Channels but understand that they are not available in my area.  Is this something that will come in time or would a new ariel (mine is new, but a different one maybe?) or a booster of some sort work?

Many Thanks in advance!


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    Hi @mbc0

    Welcome to the forum :) 

    You can check to see which channels are available at your nearest transmitter through the Digital UK website here. If the channels you want to receive are not on the list once you've entered your details, it unfortunately won't be possible to get them as not all transmitters have the same selection of channels available. If you're in range of multiple transmitters and more channels are available at one of those, you may need an aerial engineer to assist with tweaking your aerial to receive a different transmitter instead.

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