Lost Scheduled recording list

warmstrongwarmstrong Posts: 2Member
TalkTalk Box DN 372, software 3.6.82, 72.48.72
Have lost all information in scheduled recording list although there are still record icons in the Guide and it recorded a previously scheduled recording last night. Not sure when this occurred. 
Have a second box (Humax DTR T2000) as part of YV trials and same has occurred on this box, So same issue across two boxes = external problem?
BB provider is TT.


  • altosolo13altosolo13 Posts: 1Member
    I’m with TT & since yesterday I have no listings showing in scheduled on the box but app shows and some have recorded some have failed. I’ve rebooted updated software says I’m running the most updated. Is there another fix for this?
  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,152Administrator admin
    Hi @warmstrong ;
    Thanks for providing this information. We are looking into this as we've had a few reports recently, some users have reported getting the scheduled recordings back in MyTV (see previous thread here) however we're still investigating this to work out what is causing this issue. Can you just confirm for us that the recordings are all still taking place? 

    @altosolo13 Can you please let us know the YouView box model and the software it's running on? You can find this in your Settings or by pressing Help and then Info on your remote control. Can you also let us know which recordings failed (channel and programme name)? 

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