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monty8843monty8843 Posts: 1Member
I have two youview boxes. One with software jan/2015 the other with latest update. The later one has channels missing from 105 to 211. By removing the aerial, doing a channel tune then replacing the aerial and doing a tune again the channels come back UNTIL THE SET IS SWITCHED OFF. Next time its turned on those channels are missing. Of course Talktalk say its my aerial. Had it checked 'perfect'  anyway how come the old box works fine. Any comments


  • John LJohn L Posts: 260Member
    Hi Monty8843, welcome to the Youview forum. 
    Which Youview model do you have? I'm trying to work out if your box is faulty. It seems like it, only guess is the firmware rom chip inside the box is not keeping the info inside it's rom. Normally, it should work if switched on & off again. When you mention you turn it off, do you mean only for trying to fix problem?Normally the box is left on all the time. It might even be corrupted software. My only suggestion is to do a complete maintenance reset: https://support.youview.com/youview-box/box-and-remote/using-maintenance-mode/ If you have a Youview box with a hard drive, only select options 2,4 & 1 to avoid losing recordings. Hope I might have helped you. If you still have problems please message Sarah on the Youview community forum. Let us know how you get on. John L
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