Huawei DN370T User guide

petomanepetomane Posts: 2Member
Unhappy with virginmedia's latest price rise, I've decided to go back to Freeview. I've bought a Talktalk Youview Huawei DN370T through eBay, and managed to get it working. My problem now is that I don't have a User Guide or manual, so I can't do anything more than just change channels and control the volume! I've had no luck finding anything on line, so can anybody out there oblige with a likely source, or scans?  Sooo frustrating.....
Thank you.


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,357Administrator admin
    Hi @petomane
    Welcome to the forum!
    We have user guides on our Support Site. The TalkTalk guides for the DN370T are a little outdated however the core functionality controls should still be there. We have lots of guides on how to use the box on our support site so would suggest you check it out if there's anything you're unsure about :) 
    If you need any further help just let us know.
  • petomanepetomane Posts: 2Member
    Many thanks for your assistance, Sarah.
    The remote control is different, but at least I can now figure out the functions of the various buttons. That's half the battle! And the videos, of course, are are also a great help.
    Have a nice weekend.
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