Remote not working

SuePSueP Posts: 2Member
The remote for my DTR 1000 had been getting very slow. I have to press the buttons hard and long to get it to work. And it's getting worse. It's not the batteries. It's about 6-7 yes old. Do I just get a new one?


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,357Administrator admin
    Hi @SueP

    Welcome to the forum :)

    If you've not done so already, try resetting your remote to see if that improves it at all. If that doesn't help, it's possible that you need a new one as it's quite an old remote.
    Let us know how you get on.

  • SuePSueP Posts: 2Member
    I tried that. It produced a minor and very temporary improvement. When I leave the remote unused for a while it takes ages to get any button to work. However, I found a video on you-tube that suggested taking it apart and cleaning the PCB with isopropyl alcohol. That seemed to work (although the edge is a bit wrecked from opening the case). I probably still need a new remote sometime. But not right now.
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