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Has there been a solution to YVM104 on iplayer or Netflix ?


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    Hi @grum

    Welcome to the forum. 

    Can you please let us know your YouView box model and the software version it's running on? You can find this by pressing Help and then Info on your remote or within the settings under Device and Software information.

  • grumgrum Posts: 3Member
    Box is Humax DTRT 2110.    SoftwareCDS/32.23.50
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    Thanks for letting us know @grum. Have you tried all the steps mentioned in this article? If so and the steps didn't help, it'd be useful for us to know how your box is connected to the internet and your internet speed.
  • grumgrum Posts: 3Member
    Internet speed is " excellent" and does not drop out on iPad or laptop.
    Connection is via plug in to mains electric ( sorry I know that has a proper name !).
    Tried the switch off, back on in sequence , still getting drop out intermittently.
    We are almost on top of a BT 'hotspot'. In some rooms iPad defaults to that. Any experience of that causing problems / interference ?
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    PLA's, power line adapter. 
    Notoriously troublesome.  They should have a reset button. They work through your house wiring so the hotspot is irrelevant. 
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