Remote clash

Unfortunately my BT youview remote clashes with my HDMI audio extractor / switch (used to achieve 5.1).

I cannot change the remote codes on the HDMI splitter and from what I’ve seen it’s not possible to change the remote codes on the youview. 

Anyone got any recommendations?


  • SlySvenSlySven Member Posts: 15
    It is a bit of a long shot but perhaps some sort of "chimney" of IR absorbing material on the front of the YV and HDMI boxes - that only allow Infra-Red light from the IR remotes to reach the receivers in those units when the remote is directly pointing at them - might prevent mutual interactions.  Obviously you do not want the two units to be stacked in the same place but in physically separate locations so that you can point the relevant remote to the device you want to "zap" and not the other one.  IR remote systems on consumer items are typically designed to accept signals from a cone shaped area in front of them but we want to narrow that cone.

    It may also help to reduce the power of the emitted IR signal from the Remote - and in the past (as a TV hardware designer) I've found that PVC Insulation tape (possibly multiple layers thereof) is usable for this purpose. Unfortunately IR, like other forms of electromagnetic radiation, e.g. visible light can be reflected by some surfaces (so, for example, you can keep your remote under the quilt with you, bounce the beam off the head-board and still send a signal to change the channel on a TV beyond the foot of the bed without having to move you arm outside of the bedclothes) - therefore you may still have to experiment with where you position the two pieces of equipment.

    All in all it may not be pretty - but it could work for you...
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