No EPG available

After several years of easy use the screen suddenly has the outline of the EPG but no information. Suggest checking YVM401. Done that to no avail. What next? Any advice?


  • John LJohn L Posts: 426Member
    Good morning johnonothing, welcome to the forum.
    Have you thought about either resetting your Youview box or even exploring the maintenance modes? Just go along carefully & you should be able to fix problem. 

    All clearly explained in the links: 
    BASIC Reset:

    EXTERNAL (i.e. you need to use external menu procedure) Maintenance mode:

    By the time you have done all this hopefully your box will be reset. BEFORE starting, don't forget to make a note of your schedules. They are stored in the cloud & should come back automatically, but worth noting in case they don't. PLEASE let us know how you get on. If you have more problems, contact Sarah/Louise who work at Youview Monday morning. John L
  • John LJohn L Posts: 426Member
    Hi johnonothing how's it going? All fixed now? 
    . . .  if still a problem, there's even a fix for YVM401: 
    All you have to do is type problem at top of this webpage screen under "help & support" & use the Search function to find other solutions. Loads of information that should help you solve your problem. Please let Youview forum know how you get on. John L
  • Tim CTim C Posts: 455Member ✭✭
    It should be the Maintenance Modes first with options 2 or 4 as these retain your recordings whilst the factory reset clears the lot and is usually unnecessary.

  • John LJohn L Posts: 426Member
    Hi Tim C,
    You are correct, but as johnonothing wanted an answer ref yvm401 worth adding the link. 
    A lot of new members come on the forum, need help, but don't actually search the help & support, that provides all (well most) of the answers. John L

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