Records only a few seconds of a programme

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Sometimes my YouView box only records a few seconds of a programme, then says the playback is finished. There is plenty of space on the drive. I can't trust it now, which not good for F1 and the Rugby World Cup. Any advice much appreciated. 


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    Hi whatnameIsavaliable, welcome to the forum.

    Have you thought about resetting your Youview box by exploring the maintenance mode? Just go along carefully & you should be able to fix problem.  Try Option 2 first, that keeps recording & does a Factory reset. The only other problem if this doesn't correct problem is Hard drive is corrupted & either needs formating or is faulty if an old hard drive. Worth trying all options (without delete recordings) in maintenance mode first.

    All clearly explained in the link: 

    EXTERNAL (i.e. you need to use external menu procedure) Maintenance mode:

    By the time you have done all this hopefully your box will be recording. BEFORE starting, don't forget to make a note of your schedules. They are stored in the cloud & should come back automatically, but worth noting in case they don't. PLEASE let the forum know how you get on. If you have more problems, contact Sarah/Louise who work at Youview Monday morning. John L

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