YouView box only shows a few free view channels

victoriaMvictoriaM Posts: 1Member
my YouView bos only shows about 20 aerial channels. When I re tune sometimes there is more, sometimes none. If I plug the aerial cable straight into my free view tv I can receive all aerial channels. 


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,423Administrator admin
    Hi @victoriaM
    Welcome to the forum. 
    Can you please let us know your YouView box model along with the software it's running on? You can find these by pressing Help and then Info on your remote or by going to your settings under Device Information and Software Information. 
    It'd be helpful if you could also drop me a message with your postcode and door number so I can have a look to see if there's any issues at your nearest transmitter. You can do this by clicking on my username and then clicking 'Message' once you're on my profile. 
  • Tim CTim C Posts: 455Member ✭✭
    Typically this is because your signal strength is quite low. The Humax Youview boxes suffer from not having particularly good tuners and whilst most TVs cope with a wakish signal the Youview boxes struggle and so tune only a limited range of channels. Conversely if your signal strength is too high then you get a different set of issues.
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