YouView over satellite “FreeSat from YouView”

DJHB1980DJHB1980 Member Posts: 168 ✭✭
Wouldn’t FreeSat be a welcome addition to YouView to cover both ends of the Free markets. 
Include all the major brands especially streaming services into a unified FreeView/FreeSat YouView hybrid service. 
I can’t understand how these Over the air services haven’t been tapped into properly as FreeView & FreeSat are just essentially data gatherers and are not physically doing anything other than hosting a portal between the source and the end user. 

A semi-sophisticated one yes but not exclusive, unified FreeView play FreeSat Freetime type services along with internet would be more popular than the separate entities they currently are. 


  • GoodbyeGoodbye Time out Posts: 336
    Yes having a dish stuck on the side of your house would be great. 

    If Sky were just starting out now they certainly wouldn't be using "dishes"

    This technology is obsolete and Sky in Italy already broadcast over the internet. 
  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 622 ✭✭
    In many rural areas the internet availability and terrestrial reception can be limited so Freesat or Sky might be the only or best option

  • GoodbyeGoodbye Time out Posts: 336
    Fair point but the fact remains "satellite technology " belongs to the 90's.
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