Scheduled recordings have disappeared

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I have had this problem for nearly two months. I had several programmes set to record series and single episodes then when I was checking my schedule I had a message saying No schedule recordings but it still recorded my programmes, I got in touch with TalkTalk and told them the problems I was having, they talked me through the maintenance mode reset (I have tried the 3 different options for software reset) which worked but after 2 days my recordings are not showing in my schedule. TalkTalk sent me a replacement box and after 2 days no recordings showing so they sent me another replacement box and as they kept telling me these are brand new set top boxes, anyway a new replacement set top box and still the same problem. I have now had 3 Huawei DN372T set top boxes with manufacturer software 72.48.72 and the only thing I haven't tried is the factory reset.


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    Hi mdoff,
    Have a go at Factory reset via Maintenance mode. Worth a try. You never know it hopefully may solve your problem. Please let the forum know how you get on. John L
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    Hi @mdoff
    Welcome to the forum. 
    This is an issue we're aware of and whilst the fix for this has been rolled out to Humax Retail and BT devices, we don't have a set date on when this will be resolved on TalkTalk devices at the moment. Whilst the recordings don't show in the scheduled recordings section of MyTV, they will still appear as recording in the guide and the recordings themselves do also still go ahead.
    We wouldn't recommend doing a full factory reset as this will wipe your recordings and will not resolve the issue. 
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    John L said:
    Hi mdoff,
    Have a go at Factory reset via Maintenance mode. Worth a try. You never know it hopefully may solve your problem. Please let the forum know how you get on. John L
    Don't bother with the reset, I did mine, it worked for a week and then lost the schedule again.
    I have Huawei DN372T.01.02.P, @Sarah do you have any idea when a fix is going to be sent to these boxes, I'm with Talk Talk and they just say they're waiting on a fix by Youview.
    I've seen post on Talktalk going back to Aug 1, so nearly 3 months ago. Mine has only just lost the schedule.
    Software on box:
    Component 3.6.82
    Manufacturer 72.48.72

    Any info would be much appreciated.

  • John LJohn L Posts: 305Member
    Welcome to the forum. Did you do the quick reset pressing the power button or the full maintenance reset? Yes, Youview have a software issue awaiting to be fixed, but the full reset several options are well worth a try. If the factory one didn't work, work your way through them: software reset, internet reset. It might iron out the bug until fixed. I get the impression a lot of users don't explore all options. Let the forum know how you get on. John L
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I did the full maintenance reset, it worked for about a week. I've checked the updates and it says it's up to date.
    As long as it keeps recording the scheduled ones I think I'll just wait for them to fix it.
    Get a bit fed up with having to mess about because some programmer some where screwed something up.
    Same with windows 10 update, they screwed up the search but fixed that within a week, latest update has screwed up the UAC for some apps and actually stopped some of my sound software from starting but I managed to find a work around for that.

    Just want to use the stuff not have to debug and find solutions, but that seems to be the norm now days.
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