BBC local news switching on each retune

Having suffered from the Emley Moor maintenance (which I'd found out about by accident), I had to retune several times the last few weeks to get some back - Yesterday, Dave etc.
Selecting the local BBC region each time, I noticed that the next time the local news was on, the broadcast is coming from not the one I was expecting. So I retuned again, and, having picked the same local one as before, and flipped channels, suddenly the correct local news is there.
Same thing happens the next time too.

What's going on?


  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @OldGoatie
    Welcome to the forum :) 
    We are aware of this issue which seems to be affecting certain devices in the Emley Moor area and are investigating this alongside BT to try and find the cause of the problem. Are you with BT as a subscription/internet provider or do you have a different ISP? 
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