Retuning my Youview box

MaryTMaryT Posts: 1Member
Why does my Youview tell me to retune every day? I thought it would be only once after 23rd October.


  • John LJohn L Posts: 306Member
    Hi MaryT,
    Welcome to the forum. Good question. Firstly is your Youview box setup correctly. Firstly check the basics: is the aerial plugged in? Is the Youview box connected to Broadband and working ok? I assume the box was working ok before or you have just started using it? Make sure your aerial is ok by testing signal directly to your TV's own built in tuner. 

    Hopefully this may have found your problem? Then do a retune again. If still problems contact the forum. Please let the forum know how you get on. John L
  • John LJohn L Posts: 306Member
    Just to add you mention 23rd October? What happened on this day? Did you first start using the box or was this the day when your local transmitter updated for engineering? If so, hopefully needs a simple retune if connected correctly. John L
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