All 4 player not working

I've had problems with my 4 player for some time now. It plays all the ads and then when the programme is about to start it goes back to the beginning and states the programme has been watched and my TV then turns off and starts again. 
I've tried doing everything to try remedy this problem but it's still happening. 
I have a Hitachi TV with the you view button and this seems to only happen with 4 player and none of the others. I watch BBC iPlayer regularly and have occasionally watched it player with no problems.
I've signed out and signed back in also to see if that'll help but still having the same issue. 
Please help to figure out why this is happening. 
Thanks Jady


  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,539 admin
    Hi @jpanrucker94
    Welcome to the forum. 
    We don't have YouView on Hitachi TVs, can you please take a picture of your remote and TV so we can see what you mean when you say the YouView button? 
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