Youview signal quality interference on BBC News HD Channel 107 (+ other channels on com7/8)

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Good morning forum,
over the past few weeks I have been doing a few tests on interference on BBC News HD channel 107. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but worth pointing out.

I had a pretty good idea it was either interfence from HDMI cable/RF coax, but always happened when the Freesat pvr (Humax 1100s) was turned on from standby. It was just trying to figure out the fault. While testing, the HDMI cables have been swapped with good quality cables & then retested with the standard ones & make no difference. The Youview tuner on all the other channels inc. BBC1 HD on 101 still show 100/100% when freesat on or off.  On Channel 107, Strength normally 95-100/Quality approx. the same reading.

Then quite often through the day, when using Freesat,  it fluctuates to very low levels: quality anything from 85-25-0%, signal strength still showing 100%(!) when Freesat is turned on.  Hence when watching channel, you get the pop up error message on screen.  Everything is ok, when Freesat turned off.

Well, I have found the main problem on one tv setup. It's been thoroughly tested, as I have loads of equipment in same area. The Youview pvr being affected the most with interference. The answer you have all been waiting for:  It’s to do with the Picture settings on my Freesat pvr. It normally is set to 1080p. If I change this to 1080i, problem disappears completely! I have tested this also on Freeview with a Panasonic pvr that has a stronger tuner signal than Youview, and the Panasonic error bit warning on signal strength check, has disappeared. Even checked the tv’s own built in tuner, which normally is 100/100, occasionally fluctuates when the freesat is turned on from standby mode.

So the conclusion:  Progressive (1080p) normally is the ideal picture resolution, but interlaced (1080i) doesn’t generate the same interference. I have a strong eye for detail & can’t really see the difference in picture quality. If it solves the problem, this might help others on the forum that have other equipment plugged in nearby.

 I’m still testing another Youview pvr near to older Freesat pvr (Humax Foxsat) in another part of the house, with interference that doesn’t have 1080p/i option to change setting. Not sure if I will be able to solve the interference on this setup. Has anyone else found this? Would be interested on any further help suggestions.

John L

Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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