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I telephoned Freeview to enquire why myself and friends who get their signal from the Sudbury transmitter, cannot get Sony movie channels, amongst others.  I was told that Sony had restricted this from the transmitter.  Who do we contact to resolve this, if possible.  


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    The various Sony channels are available on different mux's (channel groups) so it depends which mux's are available from the transmitter you are tuned to. 

    If you aren't able to receive the Sony Movies channel, it's likely that your transmitter doesn't carry the ARQ A mux. To double check this, you can go to the Freeview website and sort the channel list by mux to see the channels assigned to each mux. 
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    The Sudbury transmitter provides ARQ-A and SDN. Not Local or G-MAN.

    So you should get channel 32, Sony Movies and channel 40, Sony Movies Action, but not the other five.

    But I cannot imagine that Sony have, or could have, restricted their channels from a particular transmitter.

    Only that Sony have chosen to have some of their channels carried on different muxes (if they even get to choose that), and your local transmitter does not carry these muxes.

    Which means, according to the link that @Sarah has provided above, that there are 7 channels from other providers as well as the 5 from Sony, that you can’t get, on those two muxes.

    And those muxes don’t seem to be available from any other transmitter you might be able to get, though you can always check what is possible with a local aerial fitter, if you would really like to have them.
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