Britbox on YouView from Sony TV’s???

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Basically as per title.

will Britbox be on Sony TV’s through the YouView App/Portal????


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    Its not one of the announced smart TVs so far. Britbox have announced all devices so far on the internet.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    The app situation on Sony TVs is peculiar. The BBC iPlayer and My5 apps are standalone and the same whether you use the YouView or Freeview side of the Sony Android TVs, and so are the itv Hub and All4 apps, really, except that they are tied in to YouView.

    Would Britbox be handled the same way? Probably not, given the opprobrium the arrangement with those two players generates, despite my repeatedly pointing out that without YouView, those two players would not be present al all.

    So I think we have to split the question into two halves:-
    (i) will Britbox come to the Sony Android TVs?
    (ii) And if it does, will YouView index the content, add it to its Search, and deep-link into it from there?
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