Small bug after latest update - humax

ziggypziggyp Member Posts: 4
After watching a recorded episode that's in a series (in its submenu), the icon info doesn't change to "watched". It looks like the screen doesn't get refreshed when you stop the recording.

Seemed to happen after the introduction of some animation when you delete.

Still works fine on individual shows on the main screen.


  • BoJoBoJo Member Posts: 11
    I have noticed the same. If I have watched 1 episode of a few within a program group, then it remains as “Watch”. It only changes to “Watched” if I back out of that group and then go back into it again. The screen obviously gets its refresh then.
  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,596 admin
    Hi @ziggyp & @BoJo
    Thanks for reporting this, I've raised this with the team to get investigated :) 
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