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Hi all
First time here and I have a problem with my Humax DTRT2000 box
I have been using the app for quite a long as I find it very useful but I was suddenly finding that I could not record bbc one and two channel’s as they had disappeared from the app and when I checked the box they had gone there as well. 
After retuning the box and reinstalling the app everything was good for  a few months and then it would happen again. 
I’ve probably done this about four times and it has just gone again. 
This time the app won’t connect to box despite deleting and reinstalling and restarting phone several times. 
I have a gone into maintenance mode and completed option one. Updated software but nothing seems to work. 
Any suggestions before I throw it in the bin?
thanks in advance 


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 15,650 ✭✭✭

    Option 1 is little more, if indeed any more, than the 8 second soft reset.

    I would recommend Option 2, followed if successful by Option 4.
    I have a low opinion of people who press the Disagree button instead of engaging in reasoned debate. 
    I have an even lower opinion of YouView’s continued policy of letting such people hide behind the cloak of anonymity.
  • bigbear52bigbear52 Member Posts: 3
    thanks for advice 
    I haven’t tried your advice yet as it had been working ok since retune. 
    Guess what it gone again!!!! 
    I have lost bbc one and two and have to retune. 
    Could the tuner be bad?

  • RoyBRoyB Member Posts: 51
    The tuners on all YouView boxes are bad  :p

    They manage to be both over-sensitive and under-sensitive at the same time, which is quite a feat.

    But a lot of people are finding at the moment that the same woes are affecting their TVs, as the transmitters all have to budge up to make room for 5G doesn’t seem to be going all that well.

    Have you lost these channels on your TV as well?

    But don’t give up on the box until you have tried the MM resets I described above.
  • bigbear52bigbear52 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for you input so far.
    Tv doesn’t seem to be affected by loosing channels 
    I will give your advice a go
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