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My box has changed the date to 1st Jan 2000 - which means I can't watch anything. I tried re-tuning channels, which resulted in the box saying it couldn't see any channels (probably as the date is wrong) so i now have no channels. I also tried disconnecting the power but this made no difference. I have seen several other comments about this, but NO information from YouView on how to resolve the issue.  YOUVIEW - PLEASE ADVISE WHAT TO DO?


  • John LJohn L Posts: 317Member
    Hi B_WELLS1,
    Welcome to the Youview forum.
    Firstly what is your model number/the software version? You can find all this via the menu settings. Should hopefully be updated to current version. If not recently updated, try updating the software. 

    The next stage is to do a Maintenance reset/try option 2 first. This will reset your box without deleting recordings (if you have a pvr model) All clearly explained in the link: 

    Maintenance mode:

    By the time you have done all this hopefully your box will be reset & the bug removed. BEFORE starting, don't forget to make a note of your schedules. They are stored in the cloud & should come back automatically, but worth noting in case they don't. 

    PLEASE let the forum know how you get on. If you have more problems, contact Sarah/Louise who work at Youview weekdays. John L

  • John LJohn L Posts: 317Member
    Hi B_WELLS1,
    I trust you have managed to restore your Youview box now? There seemed to be a "big panic stations" yesterday when you asked for help. "Can't watch anything". 
    Please let the forum know how you got on. John L

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