Why does YouVeiw only Use Freeview not Freesat

I moved to YouView from Sky 18 months ago mainly because Sky's prices are going up almost monthly and even as a customer since 1991 they insisted that i had to pay £199 to install Sky Q.
I live in a reasonably decent signal area for FreeView so YouView is good and my extra channels via Plusnet IP are good also. But there are many places not that far from here with poor or non existent Freeveiw signal, so Satelite is the only option. Does YouView have any plans to provide YouView via a Freesat box, for people who's only option is Sky or who live in a Poorly served Freeview area?
There is a vast customer base out there waiting to ditch Sky but can't.


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    Welcome to the forum DSCW469.
    Very simple answer:  Freeview uses an aerial & Freesat uses a satellite dish. Totally different systems. Best advice if you want both purchase a Freesat pvr (some good deals out there) & then when setup, you will be able to simply switch your tv input from Freeview (Youview) to Freesat. I use Freesat & Freeview everyday. Works for me & I'm sure for many other users that don't use Sky.  

    One advantage is that you can customise your viewing/recoding schedules to suit you/less clashes when recording. The big disadvantage with a combined Freeview/Freesat pvr is what happens when it crashes? Not always a good idea keeping everything crammed into one device/you may also lose all recordings. At least if one breaks you still have the other pvr as backup. I personally rather have separate devices. 
    John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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