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I have a smart TV and you view 500 box in my caravan with no landline or cable connections. I have a large data allowance on my Android phone. I also have a Netgear ADSL router which has a wireless function. Can I use this to connect to my hotspot on the phone?? If not what do I need to facilitate this.


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    If I was going to solve this from scratch, but with your existing phone, I would use a nanorouter like this:-
    that can pick up the wireless signal from the phone and put it on an Ethernet connection to the YouView box, and is small enough to take its power from a USB socket on the YouView box.

    I have an earlier model, and have successfully used it to allow the YouView box to be used over the WiFi from my landline router.

    Where your hotspot would be equivalent, as far as the nanorouter is concerned, to my landline router.

    The question then becomes - can your Netgear router emulate the nanorouter? It can certainly meet the Ethernet requirement, but can it accept the WiFi signal from your hotspot?

    If it can, that’s a start, and if it needs mains power rather than USB, that’s no biggie; next question is can you put it in the mode needed to pass that WiFi signal out to the Ethernet port, and operate the two-way connection needed?

    If it can do all that, great; but if it can’t, and falls at one of the two hurdles along the way, then the device above is £21.35, and higher spec ones don't go much above £35, so you can likely do what you want quite inexpensively, even if you can’t use your existing router device.
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